jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

"Todo el mundo desea saber, pero pocos están dispuestos a pagar el precio." JUVENAL, Decimus Junius Poeta satírico romano.

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  1. Como cuando el silencio es posible
    y las palabras empiezan a temblar.

  2. Me obsesiono hasta la insensatez buscando conocimiento; y me obsesiono hasta el terror cuando esos conocimientos me conducen a revelaciones irreparables. He llegado a pensar que el conocimiento trae infelicidad. De algún modo, envidio la paz del que ignora, del que no sufre porque no sabe.

    1. Ignorance is Bliss?

      In the ignorance of your indifference
      Blazed an unholy fire that hungered for skin.
      In the ignorance of my naivet sight was blind,
      Never seeing reality or where you had been.

      The holy grail was tarnished and blackened,
      But its beauty led my eyes only to see grace.
      Sold my soul to the devil at first sight when
      I looked into your beloved, handsome face.

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but only
      What beauty that eye chooses to behold.
      My eyes saw love and passion, caring and love,
      But they never saw the things that made you cold.

      For the scales to fall from my eyes, much pain
      Would be endured, much sorrow experienced.
      All because my blind eye saw only a fade
      That hid your cruelty and cruel indifference.

      By WordWoman